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Get cash today with Ontario Car Title Loans. Submit the online application and receive the loan amount your car qualifies for within 5 minutes via text. If you are happy with the loan amount, one of our loan specialists will give you a call to discuss the terms, monthly payments and gather some additional data on the car. Car Title Loan Ontario has over 10 years of experience in getting you the cash you need, quickly. We can also help you restore your credit if it has been damaged.

Car Title Loans Ontario bases the loan on the value of your vehicle not your personal credit history. Even if you have bad credit, bankruptcy or no credit, give us a call today at (800) 677-1436.

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    About Ontario Car Title Loans

    A car title loan is when your vehicle is used as collateral to borrow cash fast. This means you are using your car title as security for the loan, similar to a home mortgage. You are not selling your car to Car Title Loan Ontario, you are just giving us the title until the loan is paid off. Once the loan is paid in full, we give the title back to you. Ontario Car Title Loans allows you to pay back your car loan in up to 36 months. If you are having a hard month it's okay to just pay the interest charge for the month too. You can use your vehicle as collateral to borrow up to $10,000 today!

    Competitive Interest Rates

    The loan amount and value of your car determines the monthly interest rate. Car Title Loans Ontario does not check your credit history and therefore your loan is approved if there is value in your car. Since 2007, a lot of people have bad credit due to the recession. A car title loan can help to rebuilt your credit score. Since we don't have any loan or administration fees our interest are normally the lowest in the industry.

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